19th July 2016

QMS Highlights “Business as Usual” Message

A very clear message of “business as usual” in the wake of the EU referendum vote, is being highlighted by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS).

QMS chairman Jim McLaren said the organisation was making it an absolute priority to ensure the Scottish red meat industry’s customers are in no doubt about this message.

“During a recent meeting of our board members, convened specifically to discuss the Brexit vote outcome, a range of areas relating to the different parts of the Scottish red meat chain were discussed.

“It is clear that, while there are still a great many unknowns, our industry is in a good position to adapt to the period of change in the months to come.”

Mr McLaren said the Scottish industry has worked hard, over many decades, to build strong brands and to produce top quality products which have earned an iconic global reputation.

“This includes our long-established relationships with customers in our export markets around the globe as well as elsewhere in the UK.

The value of forging these close relationships shines through during times of change, and it is important that our industry continues to maintain very open channels of communication with customers. The ‘business as usual’ message is loud and clear.”

Mr McLaren also said there was no reason to believe the PGI status of Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb would be changed.

“There are numerous examples of non-EU member countries with products which benefit from Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status - from Colombian coffee to Indian tea.

“We see no reason why Scotch Beef PGI and Scotch Lamb PGI, which were among the first meats in Europe to be awarded PGI status, should not continue to benefit from PGI status as long as the necessary production criteria are in place.”

Finally, Mr McLaren emphasised that QMS remains fully committed to its core remit of working to shape a prospering and sustainable Scottish red meat industry.

“As an industry in Scotland we have worked hard to build strong brands and to produce top quality products which have earned an iconic global reputation.

“We are determined to ensure these brands, with their long-established, robust foundations, continue to be well-placed to adapt and grow in the new political landscape as it unfolds.”

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