11th May 2021

RamCompare five year results

As the second phase of RamCompare comes to a close, join QMS, AHDB and HCC for a webinar to reflect on the culmination of data collection and research over the past five years to identify what we can learn from the results. The event will take place on Thursday 20th May at 7pm.

This webinar will discuss findings from the RamCompare project results:

  • Breeding values can be successfully generated from abattoir data
  • Breeding values currently generated in Terminal Sire breeding flocks are valuable indicators of commercial performance for lambs being finished for slaughter
  • The value of CT scanning as an important tool to enhance predictions of carcase weight, yield and shape
  • There are important genetic differences between sires in both the physical and economic performance of their offspring, including differences that directly influence the consumer in terms of the distribution of meat within the carcase and meat tenderness

RamCompare is the national progeny test for terminal sire breeds, funded by the levy boards AHDB, HCC, QMS; supported by Agrisearch in Northern Ireland and working with partners across the food chain.

To find out more about the project results and also how you can be involved in the next phase, sign up to this free webinar today. You can still register even if you can't make the date and time, and you will receive a recording after the event. Head to


Sign up here -> https://ahdb.org.uk/events/ramcompare-five-year-results

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