11th October 2022

‘Born and reared’ the key message of new Scotch signage

Scotland’s Quality Assured livestock farmers are being encouraged to signal the excellence to which they rear their animals with revamped farm signs from Quality Meat Scotland (QMS).

At a time when consumers are demanding more in terms of traceability, locality, welfare and sustainability, these redesigned signs are a way for farmers to showcase their commitment to producing top quality Scotch Beef and/or Scotch Lamb to neighbours and passers-by.

Kathryn Kerr, Head of Brands Integrity at QMS explains the message behind these new signs:

“The redesign highlights that animals in the QMS cattle and sheep scheme have been ‘Born and Reared in Scotland’, meaning the whole process, from farm to processor, is underpinned by the highest standards of animal welfare, wellbeing, production and provenance.

“Our farmers should be proud of the great work they are doing to create Scotland’s world-class brands, and displaying this sign on the farm gate is an indication of uncompromised dedication to excellence on their holdings.”

For more information on the new signs and how to apply for one, visit https://www.qmscotland.co.uk/sites/default/files/20220930_farm_sign_order_form_awp_v04.pdf

or call 0131 510 7920.

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