12th October 2023

Brand-new award celebrates Scotch Butchers across Europe

This autumn marks the start of a brand-new butcher’s club, initiated by QMS, which aims to celebrate and recognise European butchers who are devoted to procuring and stocking Scotch Beef. The inauguration of the 'European Scotch Butchers Club' represents a pivotal moment, spotlighting the dedication and excellence of butchers across Europe who have chosen to champion Scotch Beef.

The first member of the ‘European Scotch Butchers Club’, distinguished Butcher, Sebastien Dubru, was honoured with his certificate by QMS Brand Development Manager Gordon Newlands during a special presentation at Dunbia Highland Meats.

“Our commitment to 'people and place' is at the core of what QMS does, and this club exemplifies our dedication to upholding the highest standards of livestock quality in Scotland,” said Gordon. “QMS hopes to welcome at least 20 members to the European Scotch Butchers Club by the end of March 2024. We invite applications and suggestions from businesses that share our unwavering commitment to regularly sourcing and marketing Scotch Beef, to ensure consumers fully appreciate the essence of the Scotch brand."

In this exciting new chapter, the 'European Scotch Butchers Club' stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of Scotch Beef and the passion of butchers like Sébastien Dubru who work to bring the exceptional quality of Scotch Beef to consumers across Europe. The club represents a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, a celebration of skill and commitment, and a promise of outstanding culinary experiences for all who savour the finest beef.

Sébastien Dubru, a member of the Belgian Association of Butchers and the proprietor of the renowned D'un Goût à l'Autre butchery in Belgium, has cultivated a deep-rooted appreciation for high-quality meat from a young age. M. Dubru also serves as the Commissioner of the Federation of Butchers of Hainaut and is driven by a profound passion for catering and a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. Central to his mission is the supply of Scotch Beef, a product he champions with a focus on consistency of quality. Active participation in knowledge sharing within the butchery and catering profession is paramount to him, as he continually seeks to inspire and collaborate with fellow professionals in the industry.

His journey in the world of butchery began with familial ties to the trade, which led him to pursue formal training and expand his skill set. Sébastien honed his craft further through apprenticeships under the tutelage of seasoned butchers such as Libert Nivelles and Herman Vangramberen in Boutersem. His passion and expertise eventually took him beyond his homeland, as he worked in prestigious restaurants and catered events in Brussels, Cannes, and England, before realising his dream of opening his own butchery in Saint-Ghislain, Belgium.

Gordon added: "I am absolutely thrilled that a distinguished Belgian butcher of Sébastien Dubru's calibre has become the inaugural member of our European Scotch Butchers Club. We hope that the relationship between Dunbia Highland Meats and Sébastien Dubru will flourish, setting a precedent for excellence in the international butchery community."

To find out more about the European Butchers Club, email gnewlands@qmscotland.co.uk

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