11th February 2010

Free Pork Recipes To Rustle Up Romance This Weekend

Scots are being offered an opportunity this Valentine’s weekend to find out whether pork truly has aphrodisiac qualities as suggested earlier this month by Argentina's President Cristina Fernández.

Ms Fernández has been widely reported by the press around the world as suggesting she had personal experience of the lovelife-improving effect of eating pork, reportedly saying eating grilled pork was better than Viagra!

To ensure everyone has the opportunity to find out whether she is right, Quality Meat Scotland has posted a selection of easy-to-make dishes featuring pork in a Valentine’s section of the website www.speciallyselectedpork.co.uk. A free pork recipe booklet is also available from the site.

“While there is no conclusive scientific evidence that red meat, including pork, can boost libido it is certainly true that red meat contains protein which is essential for energy and zinc which has been reported to be beneficial in boosting fertility,” said Gordon Sloan of Quality Meat Scotland.

“We have carefully selected the Valentine’s pork recipes on the website to ensure they are both delicious and include recipes which are easy to prepare so that even less confident chefs can impress the love of their life!” Mr Sloan added.

The selection of hand-picked romantic pork recipes includes Red Thai Pork with Spicy Noodles; Pork with Scallops and Spiced Pork Parcels.

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