17th October 2014

Grazing Groups Tackle Winter Grazing “Pinch Period”

One of the UK’s top grass experts, Charlie Morgan, GrassMaster, will be offering top tips to farmers at two Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) Grazing Group meetings in the north of Scotland next week.

Farmers who are keen to maximise the kilos of the liveweight they produce per hectare through better grassland management and focusing on figures, are invited to attend the meetings which are free of charge.

The North Grazing Group, hosted by Duncan Scott’s Bayfield Farm, Nigg will meet at Nigg Hall on October 21st at 11.15am for tea/coffee, start at 11.30am and finish at 4pm.

The main topic under discussion at the meeting will be “Better Winter Grazing  Management” . The meeting will look at winter grass cover and managing the “winter pinch period” which limits stock numbers. Mr Scott’s new grazing system management strategy will also be discussed.

Other areas which will be looked at are lamb finishing, where forage crops and costs of finishing versus selling store will be considered.

The following day, October 22nd, the North East Grazing Group will meet on Louise and Ahren Urquhart’s Maryfield Farm, Aboyne 11.15am for tea/coffee, start at 11.30am and finish at 4pm.

During this event the group will be looking at “Planning the Grazing System for 2015”. Much of the farm is not well fenced which presents a challenge, so the priorities will be identified.

“These meetings represent a great opportunity to hear the views of a practical expert and discuss with fellow farmers how we can further improve our grazing management,” said Michael Blanche, QMS Knowledge Transfer Specialist.

“All are welcome to what I’m convinced will be stimulating meetings.”

For further information on the Grazing Group meetings and to book a place at either of the two forth-coming meetings, contact QMS on 0131 472 4040 or email info@qmscotland.co.uk.


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