8th June 2021

Making The Cut

Making The Cut By Lesley Cameron, Marketing & Communications Director at Quality Meat Scotland. The last 14 months has irrefutably shown us the power and importance of communication. In a year dominated by televised Government briefings, colleagues working together virtually, and a supply chain that has flexed and fulfilled with little forewarning, it is clearer than ever that strong communication is central to the success (or failure) of relationships. For us at QMS, remote working was perhaps one of the greatest adjustments, like for many others, but it did give us an important opportunity to reflect on how we perform at our best. We learned that there is little we cannot achieve if we work together, and if we communicate effectively. This prompted us to carry out a detailed review of our communications strategy. Our main objectives have remained the same: to promote the high welfare, nutritional, economic and societal assets of Scotch meat – “The Scotch Difference”. Highly visual and on-message campaigns that adjusted to the public mood across channels have boosted consumer sales of red meat, aided by a population with more time on its hands to read, browse social and watch television adverts, as well as to cook. As important is the communications with you, our members and industry stakeholders. Our industry magazine, Livestock+, was one significant element of our communications with members and the wider industry that was not fulfilling its potential. We surveyed across the sector, asking those on the front lines what they wanted, what they needed. We listened carefully, reset the content, and, this week, the first issue of our new, rebranded membership magazine The Cut will drop through the letterboxes of our 10,000 members and stakeholders. Going forward, The Cut will be taking an in-depth look at some of the key issues that are impacting on our industry today, to share knowledge and insight, and, through all of our communications, to create a platform for discussion that will help us all to move forward with confidence. The first issue of The Cut focuses on sustainability and we have looked closely at many elements of this vitally important but complex subject, examining topics from carbon capture to the latest sustainable animal food stuffs and meat packaging methods. With the multiple challenges our industry currently faces, from the real time impact of a global pandemic and Brexit, to the health, animal welfare and methane debates, we have also focused on strengthening our stakeholder relationships to ensure that we are involved at an early stage in the important discussions that affect our industry, sometimes ultimately legislating for it. Read more in The Cut about our strategic engagement, a now fully-fledged independent department led by Sarah Millar. We are continually looking at how we can improve the support we offer our members, so, once you’ve had a chance to read The Cut, let us know what you think and how we can ensure it and all of our communications continue to be a thought-provoking, informative read that benefits our membership.

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