5th November 2021

Meat at the Mart


Twenty three butchers attended the inaugural Meat @ The Mart knowledge transfer day which was organized by The Scotch Butchers Club/QMS and supported by partners Hugh Black Butchers, Lawrie and Symington Auctioneers and Scottish Craft Butchers. The event aimed to inspire and educate butchers and apprentices to gain knowledge of how to purchase through the sale ring. A top team of experts talked the butchers through the process, including: Beth Alexander (QMS), Hugh Black, Sandy Moore (Auctioneer), David Dickenson (Farmer) and Pamela Morrison (Wishaw Abattoir). At the event, it was pleasing to see five butchers buying some excellent cattle through the sale ring for the very first time, with another three planning to attend the sale in the coming weeks. It was also encouraging to see young butchers being permitted to purchase their very first animal as they continue to expand their career experience

In the afternoon, the group attended Wishaw Abattoir where they had the opportunity to view carcasses and discuss the abattoir's work in greater detail. The Scotch Butchers Club and QMS would like to thank all those who attended and the sponsors who supported the event. You can view a selection of photographs from the event on the Scotch Butchers Club website via the link below

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