17th March 2022

Mission Inform: challenging thinking around red meat production with launch of new toolkit

The Health and Education Team at Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) has built a new toolkit to inspire greater consumer understanding of red meat production in Scotland. 

This hub of over fifteen teaching resources has been instigated in part by discussions with schools, colleges and universities who are continually looking for creative ways to engage school pupils, as well as higher and further education students, with the red meat food system. It also provides those in the Industry who are involved in speaking to young people, whether that is during farm visits or talks in schools, with the facts and figures at their fingertips.   

Alix Ritchie, of QMS Health and Education, said: “Collaboration is key, and working together with The Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET), educators and our stakeholders, we are much greater than the sum of our parts as we continue to work to strengthen and futureproof our red meat industry.

“We are all committed to helping the next generation understand where our food comes from and how it is interwoven with caring for the animals, the climate, the countryside and feeding the world with healthy, nutritional food.” 

The toolkit is free to use and signposts directly to the digital platform “Farming Foodsteps” which includes fast facts, short films, interactive quizzes and real-life scenarios, covering animal welfare, traceability and the interplay of lamb and beef production with the natural environment.  

Among the multiple resources is ‘Make It Informed’ which looks at labelling and the impact of choices on sustainable, high welfare production as well as human health and nutrition; and ‘Mission Sustain’, a digital game that puts the student in the shoes of a livestock farmer, challenging them to make decisions that will impact their farm’s environmental, social, and economic sustainability and review the outcomes. 

With children across many local authorities now able to attend farm visits again, RHET have organised a series of volunteers workshops taking place this month at which the QMS Education Toolkit will be showcased.

Katrina Barclay from RHET comments: “In a world full of information and powerful social media, it is so important for RHET to have resources that tackle the important topics in a way that really involves and appeals to children. This toolkit is a fantastic opportunity to share the facts that will help children and their families have positive conversations about red meat, buy consciously, and make informed decisions when choosing from shop shelves.”

To access the full toolkit which will soon be sent to educators across the country, see: https://www.qmscotland.co.uk/Education_Toolkit

You can also find Farming Foodsteps and Mission Sustain at: www.qmscotland.co.uk/FarmingFoodsteps

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