3rd April 2020

QMS Encourage Farming Families to get Creative in the Kitchen

With farmers fast approaching peak lambing and calving season and their focus primarily on the nutrition and welfare of their livestock, Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) is encouraging farming families to get creative in the kitchen to boost their own well-being during this demanding time.

QMS have partnered with RSABI and throughout the month of April will be encouraging farming families to showcase their quick, easy and healthy Scotch Beef PGI, Scotch Lamb PGI and Specially Selected Pork recipes via social media to highlight the importance of a healthy diet in regards to personal well-being.

Lesley Cameron, Director of Marketing and Communications at QMS, said that during these busy periods, there’s a temptation to turn to ‘grab and go’ meal options and snacks for a quick fix.

“Scotland’s farmers work extremely hard to produce our fantastic brands - Scotch Beef PGI, Scotch Lamb PGI and Specially Selected Pork - and when you’ve got a busy schedule, cooking for a large number or just one person can seem daunting.

“Alongside our extensive consumer-focussed marketing and PR which is planned for the coming months, we want to showcase a range of quick, easy and healthy meals containing Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb and Specially Selected Pork, that are perfect for farming families at busy times and are also tasty and nutritious,” said Mrs Cameron.

Nina Clancy, Chief Executive of RSABI said that a healthy diet can positively impact a farmer’s physical and mental health.

“Looking after your health is important at any time but especially now. Many people are dealing with high levels of stress and anxiety due to the busy season we are in, as well as Covid-19.

“Planning and batch making quick, healthy meals which can be frozen is a good way to ensure you are still eating well, benefitting both your physical and mental wellbeing.”

Registered Nutritionist Dr Laura Wyness commented that from a nutritional point of view" red meat is a naturally high source of good quality protein, rich in the nutrients that contribute to healthy brain function, helping enhance your mood, reduce tiredness and fatigue, as well as maintaining a healthy immune system".

“Your brain and body need a wide variety of nutrients to function well, and when your diet doesn’t include a variety of healthy, nutrient rich foods, you may end up lacking key vitamins and minerals.  This can impact your mood and brain function as well as leaving you less energised,” said Dr Laura Wyness.

“Serving meat along with plenty vegetables, or including it as part of a balanced diet along with other sources of protein such as fish, beans and lentils, will help benefit your health and wellbeing.”

Quality Meat Scotland’s Real Meaty Meals

Cottage or Shepherd’s pie

Alongside the Scotch Beef PGI or Scotch Lamb PGI, why not try sweet potatoes instead of potatoes for all, or some, of the mash on top of the shepherd’s pie?  Sweet potatoes have a similar calorie and carbohydrate content to ordinary potatoes but are richer in beta-carotene, which benefits eye health and supports the immune system.  They also provide lots of fibre, B-vitamins and vitamin C. Recipe: https://www.scotchkitchen.com/recipe/cottage-pie-with-sweet-potato-mash

Chilli or Tacos

Adding can of black beans to a Scotch Beef PGI chilli or tacos, served with plenty vegetables, will help increase the fibre content of the meal.  Fibre rich foods help feed the trillions of good microbes in your gut.  A healthy gut improves your ability to gain energy and nutrients from the food you eat. Recipe: https://www.scotchkitchen.com/recipe/beef-and-black-bean-chilli, https://www.scotchkitchen.com/recipe/scotch-beef-tacos-2


Using lean minced beef, lamb or pork will help reduce the saturated fat and calories in the lasagne.  Including fibrous vegetables such as mushrooms and peas and using wholemeal lasagne sheets will increase the fibre content which will help make the meal more filling and take longer to digest.  You could also add in some flavoursome seasonal veg such as asparagus and serve the lasagne along with spring greens or a watercress salad. Basic Lasagne recipe: https://www.scotchkitchen.com/recipe/lasagne


For a range of Scotch Beef PGI, Scotch Lamb PGI and Specially Selected Pork recipes, please visit the QMS consumer-focussed website www.scotchkitchen.com or Scotch Kitchen on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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