2nd August 2023

QMS updates Auction Market and Collection Centre Assurance Scheme Standards

New Standards are set to go live in November, following an extensive review by the Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) Standards Setting Body for the Auction Market and Collection Centre Assurance Scheme.

Key changes to the scheme will see additions to biosecurity and disease control, which covers pest control, updates to the cleansing and disinfection requirements and management of fallen stock.

Auction markets and collection centres play a significant role in our whole chain assurance which underpins the QMS brands and reinforce consumer trust.

Kathryn Kerr, Head of Brands Integrity at Quality Meat Scotland, said:

“Working in close collaboration with key industry stakeholders, the review incorporated a new step whereby members were able to provide direct and extensive feedback on the proposed changes, prior to being signed off by the standard setting body.

“These updated requirements are not intended to complicate business operations, but instead provide practical and relevant measures to protect the industry’s reputation at a time when consumers are demanding greater transparency about how their food is produced.”

A summary of the main additions and revisions to the Auction Market and Collection centre Assurance Scheme, and why they were made, will be landing with members in the coming days alongside a full copy of the updated standards, three months before they go live. They will also be available to view on the QMS website.

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