5th September 2023

Scotch Lamb? We love it. And here's why:

This week, as part of #LoveLambWeek, we're celebrating all the reasons we love Scotch Lamb!

  1. Scotch Lamb is sustainable – While over 80% of Scottish farmland isn’t suitable for crops, it is ideal for lamb production and Scotch Lamb is produced with some of world’s lowest greenhouse emissions.
  2. Scotch Lamb is born, reared and processed in Scotland – by buying and eating Scotch Lamb we support a circular economy and support a whole host of Scottish people and businesses.
  3. Scotch Lamb is a rich source of protein – it’s perfect for filling our bellies and building muscle.
  4. Scotch Lamb is naturally low in sodium – too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease.
  5. But high in potassium – a mineral that supports healthy blood pressure.
  6. Scotch Lamb is high in vitamin B12 – which supports energy production in the body and can reduce fatigue.
  7. It is reared respectfully - with very high animal welfare standards.
  8. Its origins are traceable – and guarantees it fully satisfies strict guidelines which demand a proven link between the traditions and environment of Scotland as well as ensuring it’s of the highest quality.
  9. It’s flexible and can be used in a wide variety of dishes – from a traybake with Roasted Squash, Beetroot and Honey Mustard Lentils to a Sunday roast, you’ll never tire of Scotch Lamb.
  10. Scotch Lamb is very versatile and tastes delicious – nom nom nom!!

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