21st July 2017

Top Cyclist Urges Scots to “Do More with Pork”

Olympic Gold Medalist Callum Skinner was this week reunited with cyclists at his old club, Edinburgh Racers, to share his love of cycling and encourage fellow Scots to “do more with pork”.

Callum, who won gold in the Team Sprint at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, was in Edinburgh to lend his support to a new campaign highlighting the versatility and simplicity of cooking with Specially Selected Pork.

Speed is very much part of Callum’s lifestyle and during a day spent with Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) he also filmed a series of videos highlighting how quick and easy it is to create delicious meals in minutes, using pork.

Callum, who was inspired to take up cycling by the performances of Sir Chris Hoy, rustled up a series of his quick pork dishes which he selected as being ideal for tasty post-training meals.

Among his favourites to prepare, and eat, are Pork Tikka Kebabs and Jerk Pork Chops, both of which feature in the short videos.

“I enjoy experimenting with pork in different recipes. It’s so versatile and it never gets boring so you can create perfect mid-week meals in a matter of minutes,” said Callum.

“My training schedule means I’m on the go a lot and I need to keep my energy up but I don’t have the time or patience to cook complicated recipes to fuel me. That’s why I’m a big fan of pork - it’s lean and packed full of nutrients to ensure the balanced diet I need to maintain my fitness.”

QMS is currently running a six-week campaign set to reach over three million consumers which is showcasing the quality, affordability and versatility of Specially Selected Pork. The brand also has the benefit of being underpinned by quality assurance schemes which make animal welfare a priority.

Graeme Sharp, Marketing Executive at QMS, said: “It’s fantastic to have high-profile sportspeople like Callum lending their support to our campaign.

“We are keen to encourage more and more people to continue experimenting with contemporary pork dishes as it is perfect meat for everything from slow cooking to a quick fuel fix.

“The current campaign is very much about encouraging consumers to regularly put pork on their weekly shopping lists to create tasty, budget-friendly meals.”

For more information about Specially Selected Pork and to create Callum’s recipes, visit www.speciallyselectedpork.com or follow “Enjoy Quality Pork” on Facebook.

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