28th September 2009

Exporters to further stimulate continental trade

Nine Scots exporters are heading to Germany next week to help further stimulate export trade to Europe and beyond.

The companies are joining red meat promotion and development body Quality Meat Scotland at ANUGA, the world’s largest and most important food trade fair, taking place between 10 – 14 October in Cologne.

The show brings together the suppliers, decision makers and opinion formers of the trade, food service and catering markets from around the world.

Sterling’s five month low against the Euro makes our highly prized PGI-marque product even better value to importers, so makes this an important time to ensure Scotch Beef and Lamb is front of buyers’ minds.

At the 2007 show, 6,800 exhibitors from 95 countries and over 163,000 visitors from 175 countries came to Cologne to see what the global food industry had to offer.

Head of Marketing at QMS, Laurent Vernet, said: “The sheer number of products in this part of the show emphasises the importance of meat and the potential for growth with both a continuing increase in worldwide consumption and growth in the number of potential consumers increase.

“Scotland may be small in terms of actual production, but the reputation of Scotch has remained exceptionally high and we definitely punch well above our weight.

“Nine major processors will operate from the Scottish Red Meat Pavilion and from our central position, surrounded by Argentina, Uruguay and Ireland, so there is no doubt of our intentions to complete at the top end of the world stage.”

Scotch Beef can be found in selected Carrefour stores in Belgium and Italy, Auchan in north France and Italy, Metro Cash & carry in Italy and Benelux, Match in Belgium, Delhaize in Belgium, Bennet in Italy and is also carried by several high class suppliers to the catering sector and selected independent butchers. Scotch Beef is also available in Hong Kong, Malta and Scandinavia.

Scotch Lamb is available regularly in Carrefour stores throughout Belgium, selected stores in north France and the Paris area and in Auchan in North France. It’s also stocked by four high class catering suppliers in Italy and independent butchers in North France and the Paris area, it is also now making inroads into Dubai.

Highlighting the importance of red meat exports to the Scottish rural economy, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment, Richard Lochhead, will host a reception for industry leaders, journalists and customers on Monday 12 October.

Mr Lochhead said: “I am looking forward to showcasing Scotland’s delicious produce at the world’s largest food fair next month. Scotch Beef and Lamb will be the talk of this prestigious event which also offers companies an ideal opportunity to tap into new, lucrative markets, as well as strengthening existing links. "Consumers are increasingly turning to Scotland’s produce for their food and drink as they associate it with quality, taste and loyalty to our producers. Sales of Scottish produce across Scotland, England and Wales have soared by over a fifth in just two years and Scottish food exports outside the UK are up 16 per cent since spring 2007. "We’re already developing an enhanced programme of trade delegations for over 100 Scottish companies to deliver an estimated £60 million in overseas sales and are investing £1.8 million a year for new trade advisors to help Scottish companies break into new markets and boost Scotland’s international profile. But we will not rest on our laurels and want to continue to invest and work with the industry to enhance Scotland’s growing reputation as a land of food and drink.”

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