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Welcome to the Quality Meat Scotland video page. Here you can find a wide selection of industry and topical videos showing the work we do across the agricultural community in Scotland.  Immerse yourself in the world that is Quality Meat Scotland by subscribing to our YouTube channel


The Farming Circle of Life

We’ve been farming livestock in Scotland for centuries. Our quality assured livestock farms not only produce nutrient-rich red meat for us to eat, the farmers and their animals are also involved in a range of interconnected natural cycles and ecosystems which benefit us all. So, let’s take a look at how the farming circle of life works...

Whole Chain Assurance

Learn more about our whole chain assurance schemes.

Assessment Process


The Meat we Eat

Find out about the benefits of eating red meat as part of a healthy, balanced diet. To find out more visit

QMS Christmas 2022 Marketing & Communications Activity

AgriScot Scotch Beef Farm of the Year

The recipient of this year’s prestigious Scotch Beef Farm of the Year award is Drumbreddan Livestock Farm in Ardwell, Stranraer; Lamont, Daniel and Sally Hair run the efficient business and have created a unique system that generates cash flow throughout the entire year. Their ‘20/10 system’ involves their bulls being housed with their cows over three fifty-day periods throughout the year. This provides three calving periods in the year and results in healthy profits and more efficient use of their farm’s facilities. Read more about their unique and profitable 20/10 system:

Practical Cooking Exam Preparation Video

This video has been created to support pupils sitting their Practical Cooking Examinations. Chef Heather gives tips and hints throughout the practical demonstration to help pupils who are preparing for their exams.

Exam Prep: Tip 1 - Preparation & Planning

Some handy hips to help pupils prepare for their practical cookery exams.

Exam Prep: Tip 2 - Chopping

Handy tips to help pupils prepare for their practical cooking exams.

Exam Prep: Tip 3 - Local Produce

Handy tips to help pupils prepare for their practical exams.

Exam Prep: Tip 4 - cloths & tea towels

Practical tips to help pupils prepare for their practical cooking exam.

Farming Foodsteps: Primary Schools

Find out how Farming Foodsteps allows you to explore the journey Scottish red meat makes from farm to fork.

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