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QMS is the public body responsible for helping the Scottish red meat sector improve its efficiency, sustainability, integrity and profitability and maximise its contribution to Scotland's economy. Our internationally recognised assurance schemes cover over 90% of livestock farmed for red meat in Scotland. With centuries of tradition behind them, Scottish red meat farmers pride themselves on meeting the very highest standards demanded by modern consumers.

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Our podcast has all the latest news on current trends and market developments from experienced red meat farmers, industry specialists and other stakeholders.

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AgriScot Scotch Beef Farm of the Year

The recipient of this year’s prestigious Scotch Beef Farm of the Year award is Drumbreddan Livestock Farm in Ardwell, Stranraer; Lamont, Daniel and Sally Hair run the efficient business and have created a unique system that generates cash flow throughout the entire year. Their ‘20/10 system’ involves their bulls being housed with their cows over three fifty-day periods throughout the year. This provides three calving periods in the year and results in healthy profits and more efficient use of their farm’s facilities. Read more about their unique and profitable 20/10 system:

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