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Better Livestock – Better Livelihoods

Working together to improve farm performance

Breeding, feeding and health are the cornerstones of any successful livestock business. We work with livestock farmers to ensure they are able to maximise the health and welfare of the animals in their care.

We work alongside leading research institutes including The Moredun, James Hutton Institute, SRUC and SEFARI to ensure that the most up-to-date research is available to Scottish Farmers across a wide range of farm management issues.

The activities undertaken range from support for animal health planning and eating quality projects to practical hands-on workshops at locations throughout Scotland covering everything from disease prevention and management to better grazing strategies.

Industry Leading and Led

Our work in industry development is guided by industry and we communicate regularly with stakeholders, producers, and levy payers. Our workload is shaped by our Cattle and Sheep Industry Advisory Group and our Pig Forum which is made up of producers and key figures from the wider industry, as do our Haulage, and Auction Markets Industry Advisory groups.

Our work is split by species and develops in collaboration with the wider industry. While our activity in the pig sector focuses on health, welfare and efficiency, our work in the ruminant sector can cover topics such as sustainability, efficiency, health, genetics, technology, and more.

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Meeting industry needs

Our work plan develops organically to meet the needs and challenges of the industry, and they share an overarching theme of sustainability. Our Industry Development work is designed to be as responsive as possible, to deliver the maximum benefit for levy payers, while also pioneering industry-leading projects to deliver wide-ranging, long-term benefits for the industry.

One of the pieces of work the Industry Development team is proudest of is our history of developing and delivering the Monitor Farm Scotland Programme. If you want more information on the Programme, you can find it on the Monitor Farm Hub

Our Industry Development team

We focus on sector-leading research and development work across all three species. Our aim is to improve the quality of red meat and livestock that are produced in Scotland and ensure that we are improving the environmental, economic, and social sustainability of the Scottish red meat industry.

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