24th September 2021

Giving farmers confidence to bust methane myths in the lead up to COP26

Quality Meat Scotland (QMS), Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) and Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC) have collaborated in the lead up to COP26 on a new myth-busting toolkit to empower farmers to kick-start positive conversations around red meat.

The toolkit, which has been launched today and is available to download from the [QMS/AHDB/HCC] website, includes responses to some of the biggest myths plaguing UK agriculture such as methane emissions, water usage, grazing, land use and red meat consumption. 

Containing facts, stats, signposting to research and articles and downloadable graphics, the toolkit also outlines the campaign activity of the three levy bodies in the lead up to, and during, COP26. 

QMS Director of Marketing and Communications Lesley Cameron says:  

“With COP26 fast approaching, and the eyes of the world on Scotland, it is important that our industry comes together to present a united front which spreads the positive messages of our red meat industry. 

“Consumers are bombarded with messages around sustainability and farmers are in a unique position to help bust the myths surrounding red meat, particularly in relation to our production methods, as well as the role of red meat in a healthy diet. 

“QMS’ campaign activity during COP26 will reach 62% of adults in Scotland and will include TV adverts with STV; paid social media; sustainability education videos and games; and a webinar with Good Food Champions.” 

Owen Roberts, Communications Manager at HCC said, “Farmers across Britain are being asked to do more to tackle climate change, and as an industry we stand ready to play our part. But it’s important that the debate is based on the reality of lamb and beef farming in these islands.

“Our methods are a world away from the most environmentally-damaging examples sometimes highlighted in the media, and we have the resources – grass and rain – to lead the way in sustainable farming. We have a positive story to tell.

“These resources will help people within our industry to get the facts, and share the good news about the good work farmers are doing.”

AHDB’s Head of Marketing Liam Byrne added: “There are a lot of mixed messages in the media around food and nutrition, meaning it’s easy for consumers to get confused.

“We know from AHDB research that consumer trust in farmers and their role in food production remains robust, and that they are keen to hear more farmers telling their stories.  Consumers want to be armed with the facts around food and farming so they can enjoy nutritious meat and dairy as part of a healthy diet.

“The second phase of AHDB’s We Eat Balanced campaign, which is running throughout September and the first half of October, builds on the  success of our activity in January with producers sharing their personal stories and key facts about livestock production, focusing on the positive role it plays in maintaining our unique landscape and  environment.

The toolkit with key messages and social assets is available for all in the industry to use and share. To download the toolkit, visit www.qmscotland.co.uk

Download here - https://www.qmscotland.co.uk/sites/default/files/cop26_toolkit_2.pdf

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