6th November 2013

Glasgow Butcher Inspires Youngsters at Skills Scotland Event

 A Glasgow butcher joined Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) today (6 November 2013) to increase awareness among younger people of the wide range of career options available in the Scottish red meat industry.

QMS, along with four other organisations, is exhibiting at three Skills Scotland events in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow - the biggest skills and careers events series for 14-19 year olds in Scotland.

At the Glagow event today, Broomhill butcher Alex Christie showcased the combination of traditional skills, innovation and enthusiasm of the modern-day quality butcher.

Whilst enthusing the youngsters at the pack-out event with Scotch Beef burger-making demonstrations, Mr Christie outlined the many career options available throughout the red meat supply chain.

Visitors to the Glasgow event at the SECC, which continues tomorrow, also have the opportunity to pick up folders packed full of information about careers in the food industry including “Meaty Careers”, a booklet produced by QMS which covers a range of career opportunities from farming and animal health to butchery and processing.

An interactive game aimed at increasing the understanding of the Scottish red meat industry, will also take centre stage at the events.

“With around 50,000 jobs in Scotland linked to the production of beef, lamb and pork, the Scottish red meat industry has a huge amount to offer the younger generation,” said Jim McLaren, Chairman of QMS.

“These events offer a fantastic opportunity to educate youngsters about the quality and traceability which underpin the Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb and Specially Selected Pork brands as well as inspiring them to think about a future career in the red meat industry.”

Caption: Glasgow butcher Alex Christie (centre) pictured making Scotch Beef burger with Cumbernauld High School pupils Ross Henderson and Andrew Barr.

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