17th July 2019

Hollywood Star Showcases Scotch Beef in New London Venture

Foodies will be able to enjoy high-quality, delicious Scotch Beef PGI at Mark Wahlberg’s new ‘Wahlburgers’ restaurant and bar following its opening in Covent Garden London.

The famous actor is using only the best ingredients on the menu at the Covent Garden venue, including world-class Scotch Beef. The lean meat was selected not just for its quality and taste, but also for its welfare credentials.

The restaurant in the British capital will be the brand’s first branch outside of North America and Canada and plans to expand through London and key cities in the UK. In order to compete in a highly-competitive and saturated burger market and deliver a dish unlike any other, Scotch Beef is the ingredient of choice for the Hollywood A-lister.

Carol McLaren Director of Marketing and Communications at QMS said: “Scotch Beef is a high-quality ingredient that many chefs are proud to use. Underpinned by quality assurance and high welfare standards, Scotch Beef PGI is the trusted ingredient for restaurants that want to deliver delicious dishes from a traceable source.

“We are delighted to see that the actor Mark Wahlberg has chosen to use our world-class product, sourced from Simon Howie, in his first UK based restaurant. We are sure that the quality and flavour of the burgers will keep customers coming back, and we look forward to sharing our product with an even wider audience through future collaboration.”

Pete Warden, Hospitality Director of LXA representing Wahlburgers in the UK said: “We spent a huge amount of time recreating the famous Wahlburgers burger to ensure the texture and flavour was as close to the US Wahlburgers experience as possible.

“While we were clear we wanted to source from the UK the move from USDA Beef to Scotch Beef meant a lot of time was required to get the Wahlburgers proprietary blend of chuck, brisket and short rib just right. Scottish butcher Simon Howie was able to create this for us thanks to an introduction from our supplier Brakes. We are delighted with the result and proud to support UK farmers.”

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