13th October 2011

Importers recognised for Support of Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb

Two European importers were recognised for their support for Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb at the world’s biggest food fair this week.

Eijmert Teekens, Chateaubriand; Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment, Richard Lochhead; Chateaubriand wholesale manager, Dirk Huisman; and QMS Chairman, Jim McLaren

Eijmert Teekens from Chateaubriand in the Netherlands was given the Scotch Beef Award and Yves Petitjean from VCV in Belgium was given the Scotch Lamb Award to recognise their longstanding support for and promotion of Scotland’s red meat.

Jim McLaren, Chairman, Quality Meat Scotland said: “Mr Teekens and Mr Petitjean are both long-standing customers of Scotch Beef and Scotch lamb and without their support and enthusiasm our job would be much more difficult.

“QMS greatly appreciates the work they have both done in developing the reputation of Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb in The Netherlands and Belgium. Being at ANUGA shows you just how easy it is to find meat from around the world, and these awards recognise their outstanding commitment to Scotland over many, many years.”

Eijmert Teekens is the owner of Chateaubriand, a family owned business and the leading catering and retail butcher in The Netherlands. Based in Amsterdam, Chateaubriand has a nationwide distribution network and supplies some of the best restaurants throughout the country.

Mr Teekens has championed Scotch Beef for more than 20 years, and has played a leading role in building the strong reputation now enjoyed by Scotch Beef in the Netherlands.

Always innovative and at the forefront on new ideas and technology, Chateaubriand has just introduced a completely new and unique dry aging chill for Scotch Beef, which now has pride of place at the front of the retail store in Heemstede, near Amsterdam. The company has won the butcher of the year award and also the Golden Butcher Ring twice for the most innovative product, one of which is based on Scotch Beef.

Mr McLaren said: “Chateaubriand was fiercely loyal during the time we were excluded from the markets and was first to re-stock with Scotch Beef as soon as the markets allowed it.

“We hope this award will go some way to thanking him for the decades of work as a passionate ambassador for Scotch Beef, and ensuring that our produce is served at the best tables in the Netherlands.”

Yves Petitjean, VCV; Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment, Richard Lochhead; and QMS Chairman, Jim McLaren.

Mr Teekens is still involved in the business, but the day to day running has now been taken over by his daughter Adele, independent butchery manger Johan van Uden and wholesale manager Dirk Huisman.

Like Chateaubriand, VCV is a family owned business. Based in Brussels, Vlees Centrale Viande specialises in supplying independent butchers and top restaurants. Yves Petitjean began the business in 1988 and has been a committed buyer of Scotch Lamb ever since.

He has a long term business relationship with his Scottish supplier since the early days of his business, and has always supported and promoted Scotch Lamb enthusiastically to his customers.

Mr McLaren added: “Mr Petitjean’s continuing focus on individual service and the quality of the Scotch Lamb he sources ensures he has a loyal customer base and makes him the perfect ambassador for Scotland’s produce.”


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