24th August 2022

Industry flock together for upcoming Love Lamb Week

The annual week-long celebration of UK lamb will be returning next month for an eighth year.

Love Lamb Week (LLW) will run from 1-7 September, to shine a light on the sustainability of UK sheep production, whilst also reminding consumers of the exceptional taste and quality that UK lamb brings to the dinner table.

The popular initiative will focus on how lamb is ‘naturally delicious’ and due to the country’s climate, with plenty of rainfall and grass, the UK is one of the most sustainable places in the world to produce lamb.[1]

As in previous years, the industry-wide initiative is supported by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS), AHDB, Hybu Cig Cymru (Meat Promotion Wales), and LMC in Northern Ireland, as well as the National Sheep Association (NSA), NFU, NFU Scotland, the National Trust Tenant Farmer Association, the Ulster Farmers’ Union and Red Tractor.

QMS Head of Marketing and Communications Lesley Cameron said: “With the momentum Love Lamb Week has gathered over the past eight years, and the positive message it sends about Scotch Lamb, QMS is once again delighted to be backing the campaign.

“It is a fantastic opportunity to champion the hard work, dedication and passion involved in getting quality, nutritious lamb to the table, whilst highlighting the high-welfare standards and sustainability credentials behind its production. During this time, I would encourage farmers and wider industry alike to jump on social media and tell the impressive story of Scotch Lamb.”

To celebrate the week, QMS will be engaging in a host of activity to spotlight Scotch Lamb. From multi-platform social media campaigns and working with key industry influencers, to a specific LLW newsletter and PR mentions, the focus will be on the fantastic quality, taste and nutritional benefits of lamb, plus its unique role in sustainable meat production.

Members of the Scotch Butchers Club will also receive a selection of digital assets to aid the promotion of Scotch Lamb throughout the week, encouraging consumers to switch their typical meat choice to a tasty, versatile and simple to prepare cut of lamb.

Ms Cameron added: “LLW will also mark the start of our new autumn campaign, which will initially see the ‘Cred’ of Scotch Lamb on centre stage in a digital first approach, as we celebrate its qualities on the plate and in the field, as well as the world-class standards to which it is reared.”

Also supporting the campaign is NFU Scotland. Policy Manager, Hannah Melville, added: “Sheep farming plays an integral role in the preservation of our natural landscapes and prosperity of our rural communities, as well as making an important contribution to our national economy.

That is why celebrating such a tasty, local product as part of the eighth LLW is a real opportunity for the industry to showcase, once again, why Scotland is one of the most suitable places in the world to sustainably farm and produce quality lamb.”

To find out more about Scotch Lamb, visit www.qmscotland.co.uk/. Keep up to date with LLW activity and the upcoming autumn campaign by following @MakeItScotch on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Twitter.

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