13th May 2024

Nearly one thousand pupils learn about red meat through Quality Meat Scotland events in April

Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) continues its commitment to educating the younger generation on the importance of Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb and Specially Selected Pork in a healthy diet, reaching nearly 1,000 in recent events across various schools in the month of April.

QMS Health and Education team had a busy month which included conducting a cookery and butchery demonstration for 240 pupils at Millburn Academy, introducing them to the role of QMS within the red meat sector, emphasising quality assurance, and highlighting the nutritional benefits of consuming red meat. Pupils had the opportunity to taste slow-cooked lamb, with some experiencing this meat for the first time, while witnessing butchery skills in action.

QMS's then visited Dyce Academy to showcase a Scotch Lamb Korma recipe, engaging with students to discuss the Scotch brand's significance to consumers and its background. 

Tracy Martin, QMS Health and Education Coordinator, explains the importance of hosting these events: "It's crucial for young people to understand the journey of red meat from farm to fork and the nutritional value it holds. Through these interactive sessions, we aim to not only educate but also inspire the next generation to make informed dietary choices, consider the red meat sector as a career choice and gain an understanding of its role in Scotland." 

Continuing their outreach efforts, QMS participated in the RHET Fife Food & Farming Event at Levenmouth Academy, where 60 S3 pupils delved into the journey of red meat, focusing on farming practices, quality assurance standards and the significance of the Scotch and Specially Selected brands in ensuring premium quality produce.

QMS was also part of the RHET Ayrshire & Arran Festival of Farming with over 600 pupils from across Ayrshire attending Dumfries House, it was a great opportunity to tell the story of red meat from farm to fork and showcase our brands.

Tracy added: "We are pleased with the engagement we've had so far, and we look forward to reaching even more young minds in the coming weeks. It's essential to promote the importance of red meat and its place in a balanced diet, as well as to promote Scotland's rich agricultural heritage."

As we reflect on our recent engagements with nearly one thousand pupils across various schools in April, Quality Meat Scotland is excited to announce plans for the coming months.

Tracy said: “We are committed to continuing this vital work by attending more events across Scotland, where we will further educate young minds about the importance of Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb, and Specially Selected Pork in a balanced diet. Additionally, we are eagerly anticipating our significant presence at the Royal Highland Show, where we will showcase the journey of red meat from farm to fork and highlight the significance of our brands. With each interaction, we aim to inspire the next generation to make informed dietary choices, consider careers in the red meat sector, and appreciate Scotland's rich agricultural heritage. We look forward to engaging with even more students and communities in the weeks ahead.”

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