1st March 2010

QMS Beefs Up London Campaign

The latest phase of a Quality Meat Scotland campaign to place Scotch Beef at the top of every discerning Londoner’s shopping list has been launched today.

The next stage of the £500,000 ‘Scotch Beef: Great Quality of Life, Great Quality of Taste’ campaign aims to reach 1.8 million shoppers during a two week run in selected London underground locations, and should reach more than half of those using the stations every day.

Laurent Vernet, Head of Marketing for QMS, said: “We’re continuing to use the large over-the-track billboards that have proved successful in previous campaigns, and tailored the stations selected to ensure they are those used by our target consumers.

“The tube ads allow us to use the high visual impact of a billboard, but because the viewers are closer and looking at it for a longer period we can use far more detail than otherwise enabling us to better tell the story behind the product.

“This campaign again highlights the tradition, welfare and quality of Scotch Beef and underlines the promises that come from the logo and PGI marque.”

The advertising campaign is being enhanced by an England-wide in-store promotion by our Scotch Beef brand ambassadors involving nearly 100 supermarkets along with sampling in selected wholesalers.

Latest figures from independent research firm, Kantar Worldpanel, show there are more 28-34 year olds being attracted into the Scottish Origin Beef category. The explanation for this is that many young foodies, while not yet feeling affluent enough to eat out, still want to entertain and present their guests with high quality foods.

This younger category, as well as the affluent and retirees, has seen the largest sales growths for Scottish Origin Beef.

Laurent Vernet said: “What our research shows is that people are staying in rather than going out to eat and when they do they want to eat the best quality beef.

"Scotch Beef is recognised as a premium product so when people are shopping for ‘entertaining in’ they’re choosing to buy it rather than cheaper, perhaps lower quality meat.

“We’re targeting these growth groups with the message that when they buy Scotch Beef they are sourcing a 100% natural product complete with unique guarantees on production standards all the way from farm gate to dinner plate.”

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