31st October 2012

QMS Go for it Scotland! Bursary Allows Modern Pentathlon Club to Grow

Former Scotland rugby captain, David Sole OBE, joined a training session run by an Aberdeen-based modern pentathlon club where he heard more about how it is expanding its activities with the help of funding from the “Go for it Scotland!” bursary run by Quality Meat Scotland and sportscotland.

The former Scotland prop, who is a board  member of both sportscotland and Quality Meat Scotland, watched a fencing training session by members of the Scottish Saltires Modern Pentathlon Club (SSMPC) during the visit. The Club offers opportunities for members of all ages to participate in modern pentathlon which is comprised of swimming, fencing, horse riding and combined event shoot and run. The club also provides training and competition opportunities for individual disciplines and multi-discipline sports such as triathlon.

With most sessions based in and around Aberdeen, SSMPC has used the “Go for it Scotland!” bursary it was awarded this year to enhance their existing fencing, swimming and combined event (shoot and run) activities. The bursary has also enabled them to develop fencing in other areas of Scotland by hiring a coach and purchasing new “get started” equipment.

“The ‘Go for it Scotland!’ bursary has made a huge difference to activities at SSMPC,” said Trish Prise, SSMPC chairperson.

“We have been able to extend our free fencing taster sessions at schools, and with the new fencing equipment, I’m looking forward to introducing fencing to as many children as possible.

“We have also been able to pay for a coach for our youngest group of swimmers which complements our already successful, oversubscribed weekly swimming training.

“Last year laser shooting was introduced which has a clear benefit but was another significant expense,” added Trish. “The bursary has helped towards the  purchase of a laser target which will enable our members to train effectively.”

The “Go for It Scotland!” bursary was launched earlier this year by QMS, working with sportscotland, the national agency for sport. Individuals, groups and clubs were invited to apply for the twenty £500 bursaries which will now be awarded annually in the run up to Glasgow 2014.

Jennifer Robertson, QMS Health and Education Coordinator, and a registered dietician, explained that QMS already undertakes a range of activities to encourage awareness of the importance of good nutrition and a healthy diet and lifestyle and the bursary programme enhances the work already being done.

“Anyone can apply for the QMS ‘Go for it Scotland!’ bursary, provided they live and train in Scotland and their sport or healthy activity increases their heart rate. The bursary can be used to fund equipment, specialist clothing, travel, training, nutrition, coaching or to set up or develop a new or existing group or club.”

Further information on the “Go for it Scotland!” bursary and application forms will be available to view on www.qmscotland.co.uk from November 12th.

Caption: Former Scotland rugby team captain, David Sole OBE, pictured with Trish Prise, chairperson of the Scottish Saltires Modern Pentathlon Club (SSMPC), and members of SSMPC, during a fencing training session.

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