20th March 2024

QMS inspires students at Hermitage Academy

QMS inspires students at Hermitage Academy

Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) made a memorable visit to Hermitage Academy in Helensburgh, where Gordon Newlands, Brands Development Manager, and Tracy Martin, Health & Education Coordinator, shared insights on the journey of red meat 'from farm to fork.'

Gordon demonstrated the art of butchery on a side of pork, highlighting career benefits and opportunities within the field. He also provided information on how QMS run the Scotch Butcher’s Club. Tracy discussed the journey of red meat and highlighted the significance of Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb and Specially Selected Pork brands. The students gained insights into Scottish farming practices, traceability, the importance of quality assurance and sustainability in the industry.

The interactive session engaged S4/5 students studying Hospitality and Food Technology, offering them a practical glimpse into butchery as a career. Archie, one of the attendees, not only gained industry insights but also learned to tie a butcher's knot, enhancing his hands-on experience.

The event left students with a newfound appreciation for the red meat industry and potential pathways into a career in butchery.

Tracy Martin, Health & Education Coordinator at Quality Meat Scotland said: "Seeing their excitement grow during the session shows how important events like these are in inspiring future talent. It's great to know we've not only highlighted the importance of the red meat industry in Scotland but also shown them ways to start a career in butchery."

For more information about the Butchery Careers programme, visit https://butcherycareers.co.uk/

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