19th January 2023

QMS response to Edinburgh City Council

"Following the recent media coverage regarding Edinburgh City Council and red meat being off the menu in Edinburgh schools, both QMS and NFUS would like to highlight discrepancies in the reporting on what the city’s decision to sign the up to the non-binding Plant Based Treaty means. Although plant-based options will be available in schools, our understanding is that young people will still have red meat choices as part of a healthy, balanced diet. That forms a great platform to discuss how we can get more local, sustainably produced food included in public procurement in the future.

"Both parties are in the process of setting up joint meetings with local councils including Edinburgh, to discuss the benefits of red meat in a healthy balanced diet and how all local authorities can ensure Scotland’s Good Food Nation Bill, passed by the Scottish Parliament in June, delivers jointly for the Scottish people and the Scottish Food and Drink industry.

"By comparison, the Plant Based Treaty runs contradictory to the good food nation plans that Government, local authorities and health boards are obliged to create as part of the Good Food Nation Bill.

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