13th June 2019

QMS statement on making school food healthier

Alan Clarke, Chief Executive of Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) said: “It is very important that children have a balanced diet and lean beef, lamb and pork make a valuable contribution to the diet of children and people of all ages, providing a valuable source of high-quality, natural protein and vitamins and minerals.

“Clearly it is also important that a balance is achieved and foods high in salt or fat, including some processed meats, should be eaten in moderation.

“It is vital that people understand what sets the Scottish red meat industry apart in terms of the quality of its beef, lamb and pork, which is underpinned by world-leading quality assurance standards and has earned a global reputation for quality and taste.

“QMS will shortly be launching a campaign to highlight the integrity of our red meat industry and the care and commitment which goes into producing first-class red meat which is at the heart of Scotland’s natural larder.”

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