24th April 2015

QMS Welcomes Progress on Brechin Investment

The investment in additional slaughtering capacity at Brechin is well underway and the increased capacity at the plant is due to become operational later this year, according to Quality Pork Limited which took ownership of the site from AP Jess last year.

QMS Chairman Jim McLaren said: “The Scottish pig industry has a great deal to be proud of in terms of the professionalism of our producers and the high welfare standards of our pig production. As well as giving our pig farmers a clear signal of confidence in the long-term future of pig production in Scotland, we welcome the return of some of the pig levy income which our industry has been unable to benefit from as a result of pigs being slaughtered south of the border.

“This will allow us to boost our promotion activities behind the Specially Selected Pork brand.”

QPL is a joint venture between Scottish Pig Producers and Scotlean - two producer cooperatives. The innovative collaboration was brokered by Scottish Agriculture Organisation Society. Scottish Government has provided grant funding of £2.7m from the Food Processing, Marketing and Cooperation scheme.

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