26th May 2022

Quality Meat Scotland sizzles with upcoming summer campaign

As consumer trends change, Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) is placing a greater focus on targeted marketing than ever before with its forthcoming campaign, pursuing an insight-driven strategy that is aligning with the core values of the target audience, ensuring that appetites for red meat continue to rise and Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb and Specially Selected Pork remain keystones of the weekly shop.

With eight million 18–39-year-olds in the UK identifying as flexitarian, the movement, which sees consumers buying less, but better-quality meat, is rapidly gaining momentum. To these consumers, sustainability, animal welfare, traceability and local produce are all key to their buying behaviour, as is the importance of eating a healthy, balanced diet.

With these ethical, environmental and health considerations in mind, the quality assurances and nutritional credentials of the Scotch brands are well placed to motivate consumers to trade up to better quality, high welfare, locally reared meat, even in the face of economic uncertainty.

Adopting a social media first strategy that is in tune with their lives and lifestyles, QMS will be connecting with this audience through compelling Instagram and Facebook posts and partnerships with TikTok influencers that showcases ‘Cred’, or the credibility underpinning the Scotch and Specially Selected labels.

Lesley Cameron, Marketing and Communications Director at QMS says: “We are committed to having authentic, positive conversations about red meat consumption, and it is projected that we will reach 75% of our target audience with this new approach that centres around key consumption moments throughout the week and recipes that will make your meat products go further.

“Our brands are constantly evolving, and that is why we see these changing market dynamics and consumer behaviours as an opportunity rather than a threat. As long as we continue to work closely with our processors and retailers to understand their needs, red meat will remain a staple on shelves and at the heart of weekly meal times.”

Last year’s summer campaign reached 3.1 million adults in Scotland and delivered a £3 return for every £1 spent on beef in retail. ‘Make It With Cred’ will further strengthen consumer understanding around what buying Scotch really means, how to cook economically with red meat and to reduce food waste.

Keep up to date with the marketing campaign via the @MakeItScotch social channels, or find out more about the Scotch brands at https://www.qmscotland.co.uk/

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