18th January 2012

Scotch Beef Named As Biggest Food and Drink Brand in GB




Scotch Beef has today (Tuesday 18th January) been named the biggest selling Scottish food and drink brand in Great Britain, according to independent research.

Research presented by Kantar Worldpanel at a Quality Meat Scotland marketing conference reveals that, with British sales totalling more than £247 million, Scotch Beef is by some margin the largest food and drink brand from Scotland, ahead of many other major household names.

Announcing the landmark at the event in South Queensferry today, QMS Chairman Jim McLaren, said: “This is a great achievement by our industry and underlines the importance of Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb and Specially Selected Pork production to the Scottish economy and to Scotland’s reputation as a Land of Food and Drink.

“Scotch Beef is an iconic brand and one that even in these financially gloomy times, people still desire and are willing to cut other costs to continue eating.”

Mr McLaren said that research shows people are still willing to pay more for a product that is ethical, local and high quality.

“The strength of our brands, coupled with work by QMS to improve the efficiency and performance of the whole red meat chain, is an important part of creating a sustainable and prospering Scottish red meat industry.

“Our investment in areas such as improving the genetics of the Scottish livestock herd, helping develop a system that rewards on eating quality rather than just weight and conformation, are all areas where we have the opportunity to further boost the quality and reputation of our product at home and abroad.”

Speaking at the event, Joanne Denney-Finch OBE, IGD Chief Executive, said that despite the economic gloom, a quarter of all shoppers expect to see quality play a bigger role when deciding what red meat to buy this year.

“Despite the financial pessimism, the top things that people are still prepared to pay a bit extra for are: quality ingredients, animal welfare standards, locally produced and a known country of origin…..producers can build on this and really promote their Scottish credentials as a byword for quality.”

Ms Denney-Finch also said the industry would benefit by helping consumers reduce food waste. “According to WRAP the average British family could save over £50 per month by eliminating food waste and the public spends a total of £1.3 billion on avoidable meat waste per year.

“Helping consumers to buy less might sound like shooting yourselves in the foot, but remember you’re competing with other proteins. When people have to economise they will switch to lower waste products.”

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