5th July 2023

Scotch butcher reflects on the 'recipe for success' after being named the UK Butcher's Shop of the Year 2023

When McCaskie’s Butchers and Café in Wemyss Bay was recently crowned the UK’s Best Butcher Shop, Nigel Ovens, Managing Director of the business and proud Scotch Butchers Club member, was overwhelmed with pride at being judged as the best in the business.

Now, having had time to reflect on the butcher’s latest award win, Nigel discusses McCaskie’s recipe for success.

He said: “It is just that – a recipe. As a business, we’re constantly striving to bring all of the key ingredients for success together, and to get them to work in perfect harmony, so we’re able to deliver the very best standards for our customers day-in-day-out.”

Nigel goes on to say: “There are a number of factors that have contributed to winning the award, like our attention to detail, innovation and uncompromising standards when it comes to the appearance of our shop, as well as our highly trained and customer-focused staff.

“However, the one we’re most proud of, and that is core to our success, is the quality of our product itself.”

McCaskie’s Butchers uses exclusively Scotch products, including quality assured Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb and Specially Selected Pork.

Nigel said: “This is the most important thing to us, as it’s the high quality that our customers continue to pay and return for.

“The Scotch assured labelling on our products clearly demonstrate to our customers that they are receiving the highest quality available. They know that they can expect their purchase has been reared here in Scotland in a sustainable way and to some of the strictest welfare standards.”

An additional contributing factor to McCaskie’s success has also been its membership within the Scotch Butchers Club, a group for like-minded butchers committed to sourcing quality assured Scotch meat, which is audited by Quality Meat Scotland.

Nigel continued: “The Scotch Butchers Club has really helped us to establish the idea and high standards of Scotch quality assured meat that our customers recognise and have confidence in.

“Support with marketing the product to new and returning customers, as well as the provision of recipes that we’re able to share in our store, all contributes to this too.”

Outside of their personal success, Nigel believes that McCaskie’s latest win demonstrates the strength of the Scottish red meat industry as a whole.

He added: “For other butchers across Scotland to see we’ve won the award, and with last year’s winner being Scottish as well, it really does highlight we are in good company across the nation.”

For more information on the Scotch Butchers Club, visit: https://makeitscotch.com/the-scotch-butchers-club

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