13th July 2009

Two more QMS videos online

Two of QMS’s most popular videos, Meat Quality - Science into Practice and A Healthy Future for Scottish Livestock are now available for free online.

You can access these and several other QMS videos on the QMS Moo Tube channel, www.youtube.com/user/qmsmootube

These latest uploads are part of a QMS strategy to harness new technology to help provide the information we have to as wide a farming audience as possible. This strategy will also see the redevelopment of the QMS website, which will launch mid summer.

Since the new portal went live last month, the videos have been watched nearly 3,000 times, the most popular being a section on silage and haymaking from the recently launched Grassland Management DVD, which has been viewed more than 500 times.

Andy McGowan, Head of Industry Development, said: “These new and free tools give us a cost effective way of disseminating information to a wide audience. This is particularly useful when it comes to some of our long standing publications which may be out of print but still contain lots of useful information.

“Work is underway to upload all the content produced by QMS that is still relevant to the industry.

“Although some in rural communities still have no access to broadband, as work progresses to plug the gaps in availability with technologies such as WiMax and LTE, it’s critical for QMS to have its content online and accessible.”

As well as being able to watch clips from the videos, users can also watch the full programmes at http://is.gd/1x4Fk

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