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The Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 came into force on 1 October 2010 and places duties on public bodies to provide and publish information on expenditure in relation to:

  • Public relations
  • Overseas travel
  • Hospitality and entertainment
  • External consultancy
  • Individual payments greater than £25,000
  • Remuneration in excess of £150,000

Public Relations

Although the Act does not define the term “public relations”, it was suggested during Stage 2 consideration of the Bill that this type of expenditure should include (without necessarily being confined to) advertising, engagement of external public relations consultants, work undertaken by communications or other staff and any other promotional activity.

One of the main functions of Quality Meat Scotland (QMS), as set out in the Quality Meat Scotland Order 2008, is to advertise, promote and market the beef, lamb and pork products of the Scottish red meat industry. It should be noted that QMS is funded by a statutory levy collected at the point of the slaughter of cattle, sheep and pigs for human consumption and is not funded through a Scottish Government grant in aid.

As a result, this analysis includes only public relations activity with regard to QMS as an organisation.

Overseas Travel

Overseas travel is a necessary cost to QMS, particularly in the development of exports to overseas markets for Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb and Specially Selected Pork. QMS takes stand space at or attends major international food shows and events.

Hospitality and Entertainment Costs

Hospitality and entertainment may be provided to inward missions of buyers or journalists to Scotland. However, QMS considers this to be a necessary part of its remit in the promotion and marketing of the Scottish red meat industry. The expenditure declared is, therefore, that portion outside the corporate remit.

External Consultancy

QMS uses external consultancy to undertake specific pieces of work which require expertise which is not available in-house.

Individual Payments Greater than £25,000

Payments made in excess of £25,000 are published annually.

Remuneration in Excess of £150,000

No member of QMS received remuneration in excess of £150,000 during the financial years 2020/21, 2021/22 and 2022/23.

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