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Scottish Red Meat Resilience Group

Improved resilience & future prosperity

The SRMRG is a partnership formed by key stakeholders from across the Scottish red meat supply chain to discuss issues and challenges affecting the sector, produce analysis on key topics and, where appropriate, speak with one voice. SRMRG members are:

A time of unprecedented challenges

The red meat sector in Scotland is facing an unprecedented level of challenges. To ensure future prosperity, improved resilience is imperative both at individual business and industry levels.

Identifying steps that can be taken to future-proof Scotland’s red meat supply chain is a key objective of SRMRG. A collaborative approach and a recognition that ‘we are all in this together’ will be key to ensuring improved resilience from ‘field to plate’. The group’s aim is therefore to pool the thinking of its membership to generate consensus which can be presented as the views of Scotland’s red meat sector rather than that of the individual membership organisations. These views will then feed into the Scottish Government’s policy initiatives.

The SRMRG has a policy working group to provide operational support to the Scottish Red Meat Resilience Group. Representatives consist of key individuals working on policy issues from Red Meat Resilience Group member organisations, with the forum being used as a way to share insight, communication and actions around emerging policy issues within the Scottish red meat sector.

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