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Animal Welfare and Health

Something that is always at the forefront of QMS’ work is upholding the exceptionally high health and welfare standards that people have come to expect from livestock produced in Scotland. And this is ever more important in the context of Eating Quality. It is essential that animals are healthy and content for the whole of their lives so they can grow, and produce at their best.

We work with all the leading animal health and welfare organisations to ensure that we can support our producers in delivering the highest possible health and welfare to deliver happy and productive animals.

We also work with the industry to develop a Scottish approach to medicines, recording and dynamic health planning, and supporting some of our vital health and welfare partners in the work they do to inform and support the Scottish livestock sector. Visit our partner websites here:

Our team also represents the wider red meat sector in health-focussed forums like the BVD Advisory Group and the Scottish Government Animal Health & Welfare Stakeholders group.

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