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Not all meat is created equal. This is especially important to emphasize when selling our Scotch products into markets across UK and International markets.

Born, reared & processed in Scotland, Scotch is meat with integrity. Our reputation for the very finest beef, lamb and pork is second to none. Our farmers are passionate about protecting that reputation. They work tirelessly to ensure the highest possible standards of animal husbandry and welfare. They care for livestock that enjoys one of the finest natural landscapes anywhere in the world.

Produced locally, respectfully reared, farmed naturally, fully traceable and quality assured, this is meat you can trust for consistency and quality. It has been produced to the uncompromisingly high assurance standards that are demanded before the product can carry one of the Scotch Beef UKGI, Scotch Lamb UKGI or Specially Selected Pork logos.

Our whole life, the whole supply chain independently audited quality assurance is delivered by a suite of standards for farms, feeds, haulage, auction markets and processors. This underpins the integrity of our premium brands and gives reassurance to our export partners and their customers.

This is the Scotch difference.

Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb hold Protected Geographical Indication (UKGI) status.

The European Commission only grants UKGI status when a product fully satisfies its strict guidelines. These guidelines demand a proven link between the traditions and environment of a country of origin. It is also vitally important that the product is of the highest quality.

UKGI status legally protects our brand names from imitation by producers from outside Scotland or from products claiming ‘Scotch’ status.

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Quality Not Quantity

Despite its significance to the Scottish economy, the Scottish livestock industry is small, with total annual red meat production at just over 213,500 tonnes in 2021.

Ours is not a ‘commodity’ product. Red meat from Scotland is exported across the world, destined for Michelin-star restaurants, artisan butchers and premium retail stores. That’s because it’s premium meat you can choose with total confidence every time.

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