Scotch Beef

Scotch Beef UK GI

Fully traceable, locally sourced and quality assured Scotch Beef.

Consumers can be sure that when they buy Scotch Beef UK GI that it’s the genuine article, born and reared in Scotland.

Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb proudly hold UK GI (Geographical Indication) status. It is a guarantee that a product fully satisfies strict guidelines which demand a proven link between the traditions and environment of a country of origin, a product which is of the highest quality.

A mark you can trust.

When you see the UK GI badge with Scotch Beef logo, you can be confident that all cattle were born, reared and processed in Scotland and hold whole life quality assurance. Those in our supply chain are the linchpin when it comes to consistently producing traceable, local and quality assured beef.

The Scotch Difference

What does QMS do to promote Scotch Beef?

It’s our job to promote the benefits of Scotch Beef to consumers. Our strategy is developed via consumer insight and in consultation with the industry via our Scotch Beef Marketing Strategy Group, promoting the health benefits, sustainability, and quality assurance of our respectfully reared local produce.

We have a presence in the GB marketplace all year round with seasonal campaigns promoted to our primary target audience of 18-39 yr-old flexitarians. Our marketing activities are adapted based on changing consumer needs and focus on supporting sales as well as brand awareness and perceptions of Scotch Beef among consumers.

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